A whopping 16 candidates are running for mayor of the city of Atlanta this year with no incumbent. Read below about how this election could be made better using Instant Runoff (a.k.a. Ranked Choice) Voting, then participate in our poll at the bottom to try it out for yourself!

  1. A runoff election is all but guaranteed, meaning voters will have to go vote not once but twice. With instant runoff voting, you can cast your ranked choice ballot once, then runoff elections happen instantly.
  2. Have you decided who you are voting for yet? Have you thought to yourself "I would like to vote for candidate X but they just have no chance of winning." There is no compromise with instant runoff voting. Vote for who you want without fear of wasting your vote or supporting a spoiler candidate. 
  3. Every election has its fair share of negative campaigning. We're all tired of it! Instant Runoff Voting discourages negative campaigning because candidates need to appeal to a broad base of voters. If they can't be your first choice, they want to be your second.

Read more about Instant Runoff Voting on our About Page or our FAQ.

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