The New York Daily News discusses the counting and transparency issues with ranked-choice voting:

"If we had our druthers, all the data would be made available to the public on a rolling basis as the machines are returned to warehouses from Tuesday night into the weekend. Common Cause prefers a slower approach, for the computerized info to come out en masse a week after polls close. Either is better than the board’s plan to sit on it.

The same rule — maximum transparency, as soon as possible — should apply to absentee ballots, which are opened and scanned starting a week after the primary. The board wants to wait another week, until July 6, before they let anyone see those ballots. No good: Show and tell what you find as the ballots are counted. San Francisco releases their ranked-choice data three hours after polls close, not three days or three weeks later." Read more.

Robert Prather


Ranked-choice voting advocate (proportional representation, too).