Daniel Baggerman headshot

Daniel Baggerman - President

I am a founding member of Better Ballot Georgia. Having grown up in Georgia and lived here my whole life, I have observed how our voting system divides us rather than brings us together. I am driven by a dream that we can do better together to serve the voice of the people. Though I've traveled around the US, there is no better place I could call home. By day, I implement tax accounting software, and when I'm not doing that, I'm furthering Better Ballot Georgia's mission of promoting common sense solutions for a healthy democracy. In my free time, I enjoy playing cards with friends, country dancing, and reading non-fiction.

Bill Bozarth headshot

Bill Bozarth - Treasurer

Bill Bozarth has lived in Georgia since 1977. After retiring from IBM in 1995, Bill has held a number of other jobs in various fields while pursuing a parallel career in good government advocacy both at the state and local level. He served as the executive director of Common Cause Georgia from 2002 to 2010, where he worked with the Georgia General Assembly to pass stronger ethics laws and ensure fair and open elections.  He has over 20 years of service in various boards and authorities in the City of Atlanta including most recently on the board of the Atlanta Development Authority. Bill has extensive experience with Georgia elections, working as a contract technician supporting ES&S voting hardware and software each election cycle since 2012. In addition to working in the elections of several candidates going back as far as 1993, Bill ran himself as an Independent candidate for the Georgia General Assembly in 2014. He brings almost three decades of experience in advocacy for an improved democracy and election process reform.


Robert Prather - Secretary

I have been a political obsessive for more than thirty years, since I started watching CNN in college in the late 1980s.  I even spent a couple of years as a blogger in the early 2000s.  Regardless of role, I care very deeply about the current state of our democracy and want a more representative government for our people.  I work in project management.

Shai Robkin headshot

Shai Robkin - Board Member

For most of my life, I have owned and operated my own companies. Together with my wife, I opened in 1981 the first bookstore/coffee shop in all of Israel. When, after selling the store in 1984, we moved to Atlanta, the city where we were both born and raised, I bought a library supplies company and started a library technology company. I was able to grow both companies to successful exits and for the past few years, have been teaching and consulting in the field of behavioral economics, helping organizations and individuals better understand what influences our decision making. More than anything else, I have learned that it is the decision-making environment that has the greatest influence on what people do. If we want our political representatives to better address the real needs of the people and temper the partisanship and tribalism that oftentimes makes that impossible, we need to change how we change the way we elect our leaders.


Michael Kenig - Board Member

Membership Outreach Director for the National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers (NANR). I work to support the member organizations of NANR at both the national level and at a local level here in GA. I believe we should have representatives that represent us and a critical element to achieving this is having elections that are decided with some level of support from a majority and not just a plurality.


Harry Underwood - Board Member

A website designer and political organizer by profession, I have lived in Georgia since 1993, the Columbus area since 2013. A graduate of Middle Georgia State College (now University), I was a web designer and local organizer for Jim Barksdale for U.S. Senate (2016), Valerie Haskins for State Senate (2018) and Mark Jones for District Attorney (2020). I have worked for Black Voters Matter Fund as a local organizer.  A member of the Columbus, GA Mayor's Commission on International Relations & Cultural Liaison Encounters (CIRCLE), I have served since 2020 as Secretary for the Young Democrats of Georgia, and as Communications Director for Colgay Pride of Columbus, GA.

Chris Coughlin - Board Member

I live in Johns Creek with my wife and three children where I currently sit on the Johns Creek City Council as Mayor Pro Tem, having served in that body since 2017. In 2020, I was responsible for the successful passage of a City Council resolution urging the Georgia General Assembly to allow local governments to implement Instant Runoff Voting.

I work as a Manager of Assessment Design at DDI, advising on talent selection research, management best practices and the development of data-driven pre-employment selection products. Prior to my current job, I spent 14 years working as a scientist at SHL. I am active in the community as a volunteer, involved with North Point Community Church's small group ministry and foster support groups. I am a soccer coach, serve on the Johns Creek Mental Health Wellness task force, lead the Johns Creek Traffic Congestion task force, and served as a Director on the Board of the Johns Creek Community Association.

Dr. Kerwin Swint - Board Member

I am the Director of the School of Government and International Affairs at Kennesaw State University, where I have taught since 1992. I am the author of five books on American politics, a public speaker, media commentator, and former political consultant. Specializing in Electoral Politics, Mass Media, and Political History, I have appeared in a number of national and international media, including CNN, Fox News, the BBC, the ABC program The View, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.

Currently, I write the “At Issue” column for Georgia Trend Magazine. I am a native Atlantan, a resident of west Cobb County for more than 20 years, the proud father of three sons, and a graduate of the University of Georgia. My wife Sandy is a Cobb County Schools music specialist.

Jennifer McCoy - Board Member

I am a political science professor at Georgia State University studying political polarization and its effects on democracy in the U.S. and around the world. I previously served as director of the Americas Program at The Carter Center for nearly two decades, where I led election observation missions and helped resolve conflicts and strengthen democracy in Latin America. I have lived in Atlanta for over three decades.

Melinda Delisle - Board Member

I believe that when dedicated people work together from many different sides of an issue, we can accomplish positive resolutions that benefit everyone. I have seen this play out in personal and professional aspects of my life, and believe that IRV/RCV will help this concept work in politics as well.

Through the team building company I have co-owned with my husband for many years, I have learned about the human psyche, how teams work together, effective and ineffective forms of leadership, and how groups get things done. I also have substantial experience in internet marketing, systems implementation, and other aspects of business administration. I am currently transitioning into my own business as a clinical nutritionist.

I have been intermittently involved in grassroots political activism since the mid-2000’s for multiple causes that I believe in. My husband and I have been Georgia residents since 1997.