More challenges to IRV/RCV:

Supporters of this process say it allows political minorities to still get a say, discouraging hyperpolarization. Opponents say it's confusing and slows the gears of democracy.

That opposition fuels a proposed constitutional amendment to ban the practice in Wisconsin. The GOP-led initiative would mean no Wisconsin election could utilize the process, and more broadly bars voters from voting for candidates of multiple political parties in partisan primaries.

While there's no push for ranked choice voting as it exists in Maine or New York City, a bipartisan bill would bring one element of that process to Wisconsin. Deemed Final Five voting, the proposal would allow the top five vote-getters of any party in a Congressional primary to continue to the general election. During the general election, Wisconsin voters would go through the ranking process with those five candidates.

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Robert Prather


Ranked-choice voting advocate (proportional representation, too).