When April 15, 2021 at 7:00pm 1 hr 30 mins
Where Zoom Meeting

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Whatever overall opinion you may have of SB202, the multi-faceted elections bill recently passed into Georgia law, we at Better Ballot Georgia (BBGa) were pleased that it included Instant Runoff/Ranked Choice Voting (IRV) for American military personnel and civilians living overseas, echoing provisions in the bipartisan HB59 bill that was introduced earlier in the session. While this use of IRV is limited in scope, it is an important first step towards having ALL Georgia elections conducted this way, eliminating runoffs altogether and opening and strengthening the voices of our state’s voters. At our April general meeting this Thursday, we will collectively strategize on what we can do to make this happen, including:

1. Understanding SB202 and what we can do to influence its implementation
2. Getting tens of thousands of Georgians to sign a petition urging the Georgia legislature to expand IRV for statewide elections and enabling local governments to conduct their own elections using IRV
3. Educating locally elected officials so that they can effectively communicate their interest in IRV to the powers that be under the gold dome

A representative from FairVote will also be there to share other strategies being used to advance the cause of Instant Runoff/Ranked Choice Voting across the country.

BBGa has created a variety of teams that can use your help, regardless of how little or how much volunteer time you can contribute to further these goals in specific ways. Live Outreach will seek out people who've never heard of IRV to sign our petition by canvasing, clip boarding, and holding events. Connections and Endorsements will connect with other organizations, including local governments, to spread the word of IRV to their members and seek official endorsements of IRV. Speakers Bureau will make presentations on IRV to groups around the state. Policy and Research will support those speeches and outreach with facts and data. Volunteer Onboarding will help integrate volunteers that are brought into the movement and direct them to the team that can best use their talents. Social Media will spread the word about our petition, promote events, and engage with other organizations online. Arts & Media will make cool designs that attract people to our movement. Technology team will manage our tech infrastructure to help us coordinate effectively.

Whether you can help a few hours a week or 1 hour per month, please attend the meeting to learn more.

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