When October 21, 2021 at 7:00pm 1 hr
Where Zoom meeting

In the vast majority of Congressional districts around the country, just 15%, and oftentimes far fewer, of registered voters decide who will win the election. Why? Because these districts are so heavily populated by voters of just one of the major parties. Whoever wins the primary of that party is a virtual lock to win the general election. In most cases, voter turnout in primaries is far lower than in general elections and those who do vote tend to be the most partisan – further to the left than most Democrats and further to the right of most Republicans. 

It’s no wonder that Congress is so terribly divided. 

How big is the problem in Georgia and what options do Georgians have to address it? One answer is to institute Instant Runoff/Ranked Choice Voting in the general election, which would give third party and independent candidates a realistic chance to win.  A speaker from Represent US will share data about these "safe" districts in Georgia, and how instant runoff / ranked choice voting can change how this scenario plays out. 

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