The city of Portland, Oregon will be using RCV/IRV for their municipal elections soon. There's a proposition on the November ballot to use it for all elections in Oregon starting in 2028. In preparation, the city of Portland has created a website with a mock election. Try it out! Here's a bit more:

"Portland voters are going to do something this November that all Oregonians may soon be doing — ranked-choice voting.

It’s that somewhat “scary,” new way of choosing candidates that some argue is better.

In Portland, they are using ranked-choice voting for electing the mayor, council members and an auditor. All Oregon voters will have the chance in November to decide with a ballot measure if ranked-choice voting should spread to how Oregonians vote for offices including president, members of Congress, governor, secretary of state and more.

At first, understanding ranked-choice voting can make almost anyone feel they are not the sharpest voter on the rolls. It can be hard to understand how it works, without seeing it in action."

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Robert Prather


Ranked-choice voting advocate (proportional representation, too).