Instant Runoff Voting (also known as ranked choice voting, RCV) is a simple but powerful upgrade to Georgia's outdated runoff election system. Day by day, more and more Georgia voters are calling for RCV from their representatives to improve our elections and empower voters.

Better Ballot Georgia is pleased to produce this voter guide to inform Georgia primary voters of their candidates’ thoughts and opinions on RCV. Below you will find a snapshot of candidates' responses.

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All statements are provided by the candidates themselves and are not changed or editorialized by the Better Ballot Georgia. Candidate responses to the questions are their own and do not represent the views of Better Ballot Georgia. This document is not an endorsement or disapproval of any candidate. This document serves to inform voters of candidates’ positions pertinent to Ranked Choice Voting.

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Becky Evans (D)
HD 90

"I support localities within Georgia having the option to use Ranked Choice Voting in order to maintain the majority support without having to conduct expensive and time consuming runoff elections."

Image of David Jenkins

David Jenkins (R)
HD 136

"Ranked choice [for localities] would be much cheaper than runoffs and yield better results."

Louis Ligon (R)
SD 7

"Just as in our state elections, local governments could certainly benefit from RCV in cost savings for the elections process. I believe that Ranked Choice Voting would be beneficial to Georgia's voting process to make it more efficient and streamlined. The State of Georgia should let the voters decide if they feel RCV would be beneficial for our state legislature."

Elena Parent (D)
SD 44

"I support Ranked Choice Voting for runoff elections because there are so many benefits in some cases.  This simple instant runoff process allows more parties, more candidates to run, while requiring a majority to win. Rank choice voting incentivizes candidates to appeal to more voters – not just to extremists. And, ranked choice voting can save us money."

Henry Covington (D)
HD 158


"I think that [RCV] is a great idea. Some voters like more than one candidate, with RCV it would make it a lot easier for the individual voter. I agree with RCV at the state level as well. Most candidates have done something positive or something that many voters may like. Even if they are in different parties, with RCV, they can rank the candidate by the deeds they have done."