Better Ballot Georgia offers you, our supporters, a way to help us make it clear that there is a better way to choose the winning candidate in our elections. Georgia is one of only two states that require 50% plus 1 to win a race in both our primaries and our general election. Better Ballot Georgia believes that’s a good thing. It forces a candidate to gain the backing of a majority of the electorate, but at what price?

A Kennesaw State University study estimates that all of Georgia’s counties together spent $75 million to conduct the 2020 Senate runoffs. We can’t predict what that number will be in this runoff, but whatever it is, it’s money that could be put to better use in meeting other public needs. Millions more will be spent by the candidates, the parties and all the special interests that can now throw unlimited amounts into a critical race. If the outcome of our Senate race turns out to be the one determining control of the Senate, we can expect the big guns to come out again like they did in 2020. It’s too much money, too much negativity, and asks too much form the voting public. Instant Runoff Voting will not address all the shortcomings of our electoral process, but it will certainly relieve us many of the ills of this all-too-familiar holiday-ruining runoff season.

If you want to help us use this opportunity to let the public know there is a better way to determine the peoples’ choice without runoff elections, click here to get one of our cool Another Runoff? yard signs and proudly display on your lawn it through December 6th.